Sports Themed Barbershop

Fade County has been featured twice on Channel 7 News with Todd Toggen, and has had multiple athletes come by the shop thru out the years but honestly the most important part of our history is today we seize the moment and focus on the present and the consistency and the quality of our service we deliver today. In part that has been our success thru out the years to always focus and flow like water to the present.

“Staying current and trending is key in the hair style business.”

– Jorge Fleites, Owner

A Unique Family Business

The shop was started by Jorge and Alex in 2010 they come from humble beginnings father being a house painter and mother a factory worker/cosmotologist. Recently their third and youngest brother Cris has joined and revamped the shop, being a new graduate it reinforced Fade Countys history of staying current with trends and styles in the industry


Fade County Owner

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Barber, Jorge’s second brother

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Barber, the third and youngest brother.

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Cigar Shop

We also carry cigars for our men that like to smoke occasionally. And more than a barbershop we are a brand. We carry Enki, Romeo and Julieta, Macanudo and Cohiba but we are always updating and changing the selection.

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